An effective way to tackle tapeworm

About droncit

Tapeworm treatment plays an important role in keeping dogs and cats protected from parasites. It is often assumed that endectocide treatments1 cover tapeworm, when in fact most do not - this can result in healthcare plans missing out on a key aspect of treatment or not offering it at a frequency that is suitable based on a risk benefit analysis.  For simple yet effective parasite protection, vets should include Droncit for tapeworm in their healthcare plans at least quarterly in most cases.


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Why droncit is needed

  • With the number of pets dramatically rising over the last 18 months, companion animal parasiticides have never been more important in ensuring the wellbeing of cats and dogs. Yet there is often a gap in the treatment plans for pets when it comes to providing protection against parasites. Most endectocides don’t cover tapeworm, and if a specific tapeworm treatment isn’t added to healthcare plans, this can pose a risk to the wellbeing of both pets and their owners.
  • According to experts, tape worming in nearly all dogs should be at least every three months. To ensure effective treatment, Droncit can be added to pre-existing healthcare plans to achieve all-season protection against Tapeworm.

“The lifestyle of many UK dogs means that they should be treated for tapeworm at least quarterly” Dr. Ian Wright, Guidelines Director for ESCCAP.

An effective way to tackle tapeworm



  • Tablets (available in the UK and Ireland)
  • Spot on (available in the UK only)

A single dose of Droncit Tablets effectively kills the tapeworms commonly found in cats and dogs in the UK and Ireland.* This needs repeating on a regular basis to ensure cats and dogs at risk are kept protected. This can be given with food for easy administration. A topical spot-on solution is available in the UK, solely for cats.

With praziquantel as the active ingredient, Droncit targets both immature and mature forms of adult tapeworms in cats and dogs.*

Droncit Tablets and Spot On contain praziquantel. AVM-GSL (UK). CAM (ROI). Spot-On not available in ROI.

Droncit Tablets are for the treatment of adult tapeworms of dogs and cats. The tablets are effective against both immature and mature forms of adult tapeworms in both dogs and cats.

1 Endectocides are single products that are used for both endo and ectoparasites.

* Droncit tablets are effective against Echinococcus granulosus, Taenia ovis, Taenia pisiformis, Taenia multiceps, Taenia hydatigena, Taenia taeniaeformis, Dipylidium caninum and also effective against Echinococcus multilocularis. Droncit Spot-On is effective against mature and immature forms of Dipylidium caninum and Taenia species and also effective against Echinococcus multilocularis.